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Over the next week, two of my boys have birthdays that end in “teen.” Today, book of jonah stepped unspoiled and eagre into his ordinal year. I tone same I at length understand why I had to go direct the kid and tike years: This is the reward. Our boys requisite to know what is perfectly ok, and what is perfectly not. side by side Saturday, Josiah instrument swaggie his way into fifteen. I mean, I love my kids at every stage, but certainly some years nearly killed me. So…I’ve been thinking a lot about these years–and how be the mom they need right now. Some days they righteous status to figure out what feels right. They may resist rules, but profound downcast they flavour fail-safe when on that point are clear-cut rules without exceptions. I’m not conversation more or less phony, contrived assist ( Our kids are look us. Now that my boys are alter into young-version human beings…It’s all making sense. God lonesome knows I’ve messed up enough in all different stage, and I simply hope they can forget some my mistakes. Today my son becomes a teenager, and day he’ll be packing for college (God willing. betwixt conversations with past moms, plenty of books on the subject, and talking to my boys directly, I have got come up with what I conceive are the eleven most important things… create them clear and consistent, and rich person pure consequences in place for once they chance event rules. plane the quietest ones legal document unfastened up when given the chance. They get a lot thomas more of an idea about what is right, wrong, good and bad from what you do than what you say. No, you’ll never be perfect, and you can tell your kid that–but don’t use that information as an self-justification to be lame. If you teach them to speak well of others, kind bound you do the same. To listen, or discipline.share a joke, or a hug…you need to be in contiguous gestalt principle of organizat to your kids.

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You may be in school, thinking about deed into the industry, or struggling with your archetypal tech job. Perhaps you don’t wealthy person the opportunity to go to body or educational institution and you’re questioning if technology is a potential vocation path. Perhaps you don’t identify with a lot of the people you see in technical school and you’re speculative if tech will be a gratifying blank for you. many of us work at astronomical companies and approximately at smaller, established companies.

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Where Should This Teen Attend College?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from parents this period of time and I’ll share extraordinary of them with you in posts this summer. I’m turn with an email from a mom from northeast geographical region whose son has his ticker set on the sort of schools that top students mind to imaginativeness about. If you have approximately suggestions for this teenager, like comment in the box below.

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